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Real Simple Housing And Solar

Is your agent certified with the Department of Energy to resell homes? Real Simple Housing is certified. With the increase of solar installations on residential homes over the last 10 years, having a qualified Realtor sell you home is critical. Your home’s appraisal is being compared to other homes in the area which don’t have solar systems. This isn’t an apples to apples comparison and you will lose your $20,000+ investment.

Additionally, you will be responsible for the out of pocket pay off for any financing you received on the solar system. Real Simple Housing has the experience to protect your investment and make sure you receive full value for your solar system.

Real Simple Housing isn’t new to the energy efficiency market. In fact, we have over 20 years in the market, having started in 1999 helping develop a sustainable residential building block from rice straw. A patent was awarded in 2005. From there we began working with the Sierra Club and Laborers’ Union to retrofit residential homes complete with solar systems. We served on boards and worked with many of today’s current energy efficiency leaders. Which brings us to today, as Department of Energy certified professionals to resell residential homes with solar systems, we are the best in the market in achieving full market value. If you are thinking of selling your solar home, you need us on your side. Plain and simple.

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Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Do solar panels hurt the resale value of your home?

No. The American Institute of Appraisal estimates that for every $1 in annual electricity bill savings that solar panels provide, home resale values go up an average of $20. That’s a $24,000 increase in value for $100 a month in electric savings.

Will roof mounted solar panels make it difficult to sell my home?

No.  In fact, it will sell faster if your home is marketed with a Realtor who understands the market, provided the system is installed to all local county codes.  Ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to save money every month on their electric bill. 

Do Solar Panels Increase Your Property Taxes?

Not usually.  Check with your local county tax assessor. Since local counties are trying to encourage alternatives to fossil fuel energy generation, taxes on solar systems are discouraged policy makers.

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