Cheyenne Wyoming is forecasted by Zillow to see an 8.2% increase for single family housing pricing in 2021.  This comes on the heals of 2020 where Cheyenne saw a 4.1% increase.  Combined that could give Cheyenne Wyoming homeowners a combined 2 year appreciation of 12.3%.  This is a very strong appreciation percentage and will rank Cheyenne among the hottest markets in the US.

Wyoming is becoming a destination for people relocating to states where they “Live where you want Not where you work”.  The wide open spaces with the strong communities Wyoming offers, along with the opportunity to not pay state income tax is very appealing to people.  This is especially true for those people relocating from California.  Cheyenne will be busy this year with real estate transaction. Real Simple Housing is here to support Cheyenne Wyoming along with it’s strategic partner Johnson Storage & Moving.

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Wyoming Relocation Program
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